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Why Canal Boating Is Good For The Soul

If you’ve always dreamed of life on the waterways then you’re not alone, there are many enthusiasts who’ve even ditched traditional bricks and mortar to spend their lives cruising up and down the waterways full time.

So, with the New Year now in there’s no better time than to turn over a new leaf and live a bit of the outdoor life. Here’s Elms Moorings’ list of why life on the waterways is not only fun but good for you too.

Spending quality time with loved ones

If you’re familiar with canal boating in any way, then you’ll probably get the impression that things move at a lot slower pace than they do in conventional day-to-day life. With the more mindful approach to living, it’s the ideal time to connect with friends and family, what’s more, they’ll be no additional distractions that can easily derail socialising at home.

Disconnection from digital

Talking of distractions, the amount of time that we a society spend staring at devices (yes we’re looking at you reading this blog!) is ever increasing. Unplugging yourself is a sure-fire way to make you realise just how reliant we’ve become on the digital on-demand world. Not only will you find that you don’t miss it, but you may find yourself feeling elevated in mood, without the constant reminders of all the negativity in the world.

Get fitter in body

The mind and the body are one and the same, if one is out of whack, then the effects are usually felt by the other. Thankfully life on the canals is good for both getting some headspace and for giving you the opportunity to burn off calories without really having to do too much! Navigating, plus working locks and tying mooring lines is going to get your blood pumping and your muscles working hard without having to invest in a gym membership!

The surroundings of the canals are also the perfect places to indulge your passion for walking or jogging. If you’re a dog person then canal towpaths make the ideal walking spots for your canine pals.

More opportunities to travel

There are a wealth of locations around the UK that are the perfect untapped getaway destinations and the great thing about canal boats are that you’re not permanently rooted to any one spot. Take advantage of this fact and explore beyond what’s on your doorstep.

If a canal boat escape sounds like the ideal ticket to kickstart your new year, then the Fossedyke canal in Lincolnshire is the idyllic country escape you need. Elms Moorings is based on the historic Torksey Lock and can cater for your mooring needs, not to mention that there are plenty of nearby attractions to take in. Contact us today and book your mooring space.