Fossdyke Canal

The best ways to enjoy the Fossdyke Canal

If your looking for a place to escape to then Fossdyke Canal is where you need to be. Deep in history, this canal is believed to be built by the Romans in around 120 AD to connect the River Witham to the River Trent.

There is so much to do in the area such as hire boat trips, fishing and even a water taxi along the Fossdyke from the nearby marinas

Did you know? In 1121, the canal was restored to be used to transport the stone for the rebuild of the Lincoln Cathedral.

Canal Boat Mooring

Elms Moorings is located on Fossdyke Canal so you can hire a mooring space to enjoy the beautiful unique development set and natural wildlife. It also provides easy access to Lincoln, Nottingham, and Boston making is an ideal choice for exploring the Midlands.

Canal sidewalks

If you love the great outdoors, then be sure to talk long strolls across the waterside. The walk is always very picturesque, especially as you are away from the nosy road traffic. Plan ahead and research the path, there are many delicious places to eat and drink around.

Fossdyke canal trail

You can choose to walk or cycle along the 6 miles Fossdyke canal trail that runs alongside the canal from Lincoln to Saxilby.


Local fisheries own fishing rights and access to long stretches of the canal. So if you are into fishing then get your gear ready and enjoy the location and scenery.

Retirement Home

If you’re looking for a permanent change of scenery then the Elms Retirement park is where you can spend the rest of your retirement years. Offering luxury modern and newly refurbished park homes, where you can always enjoy the beautiful wildlife and greenery.