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How The Pandemic Has Affected Mooring Sites

The main topic of conversation across the world today is about the Coronavirus pandemic and how it has impacted the way we live and work. Whether you are living in houses or afloat, there is no escaping from this virus. However, as a nation, we have quickly learnt to adapt to this new way of life and as we continue to do so, we are finding more ways to get back to doing what we love and enjoy.

Life onboard during the pandemic

If you are living on your boat during the lockdown, you would have noticed a significant decrease in boat traffic and visitors.

Although it’s a missed opportunity to meet new people, on the plus side, it gives boaters the chance to enjoy the surroundings and nature, especially due to the luck in weather we’ve had so far this summer.

If you are fortunate to have a mooring spot on The Elms moorings site then you wouldn’t have had to worry about electricity or water shortages, as we offer access to free water and chargeable metered electricity, plus on-site waste disposable facilities for boaters.

Are the waterways safe to visit?

As the local lockdown measures are eased, most waterways will be open, but it is highly recommended that everyone continue to abide by the social distancing rules and keep a 2-metre distance from moored boats and people around you.

It can be quite difficult at times when the paths are particularly narrow, however, it would be in everyone’s interest to take extra care and act responsibly during these times.

Please note, in Scotland and Wales the lockdown measures are slightly different, so we advise to follow your local guidance for more information.

Visit the Canal River Trust website if you have any questions about boating.

Stay safe

Please remember to always follow government guidelines, which includes regular hand washing and social distancing rules. It’s always best to take facemasks and hand sanitisers with you if you are planning to go boating or take a walk, as there may be minimal access to water.

Here you can find regular updates about the waterways on the Government website.