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Elms Moorings Guide to Autumnal Cruising

The cool autumn air is here as we approach the winter months, cruising season for most people has passed along with summer. Although there might be a chill in the air, we can argue that autumn/winter may be the best time to cruise and here’s why:


A majority of boaters end cruising season in September and this usually shows on the canals. This autumn/winter season is the quietest, there are no queues at the locks, there’s space at mooring sites and the best part? You have the canal all to yourself as you can travel for miles before meeting another cruiser. 


As appealing as the serene emptiness of the canal sounds, there are a few precautions that you need to consider before you set off. 


Prepare for all weather possibilities 


We all know that the cooler months bring erratic weather conditions! When preparing for your journey make sure you pack for all possibilities. Include in your essentials wellingtons, scarfs, hats, gloves, warm coats, anoraks, and lots of blankets and socks to keep you toasty warm and dry! It may be essential to pack extra water-resistant materials to cover your deck and roof for extra protection and insulation. 


Keep your boat warm 


Most boats are fitted with efficient diesel central heating today although some still have coal fitted firesides. For extra warmth add hot water bottles in your bed and your sofa. If your boat has any drafts, tape them up or use draft stoppers at your doors. It’s important to keep your boat as warm as possible during the autumn/winter, as temperatures on the canal can drastically plummet. 

** Never use your stove, oven or cooking appliances as heating!


Plan your journey 


Between November – March, maintenance is usually scheduled on the canals and rivers, It may be wise to check on the www.canalrivertrust.org.uk  before planning your route. 


Boating in Autumn is an experience that shouldn’t be missed, there’s a myriad of colours to be seen, the wildlife becomes more active in their approach to hibernation and the misty mornings deserve to be witnessed by a walk through the amber and orange leaves on the towpath. 


Are you located in Lincolnshire?   

Our moorings site is located on Fossdyke Canal in the Elms retirement village so you can hire a mooring space to enjoy the beautiful scenery and easy access for exploring the Midlands this autumn.


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