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Boating and moorings at Torksey lock – Here’s what you need to know

Torksey lock is a beautiful mooring site and is one of the largest permanent mooring sites, located 9 miles north-west of Lincoln. For those of you who are not familiar with Torksey, it is actually a small village in Lincolnshire and home to one of UK’s oldest castles, Torksey Castle.

The 16th– century castle was destroyed in the English civil war, however, the remains still exist today on the riverside – An ideal point of interest spot if you are enjoying a canal boat holiday.

Elms Moorings is a great destination for your canal boat holiday as you’ll have access to the very best of amenities and attractions, including a nearby golf club, fishing locations, cafes & restaurants plus many other attractions, that are great for couples and families.

Choosing a mooring spot

As you would have discovered canal boats are not a cheap investment, so when you are choosing a location to moor your boat you need to ensure you select a location that is safe and secure, for both yourself, your boat and your belongings.

You’ll also need to consider the utilities that you’ll require such as electricity, water and sewage disposal options.

Amenities, food and provisions

If you thinking of visiting the Torksey Lock for your canal holidays then it’s worth taking note of the amenities and cafes that are nearby, especially if you are planning on spending time on your boat at the marina site, you may want to be at a location where you can easily access provisions such as bread/milk etc

Here’s a list of a couple of local places you can visit for lunch/tea:

Torksey lock tea room

White Swan

Things to do

Choosing Elms Mooring as your mooring site will never leave you without any activity options. Whether you are planning a family trip or couples retreat, there is something everyone can take part in. You can either choose to take long walks along the canal side, cycle alongside the country’s beautiful waterside scenery, go fishing, or go on a family picnic and enjoy everything nature has to offer.