Canal Mooring

5 Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Place to Moor Your Canal Boat

If you have just brought a canal boat and are looking for a place to moor, then there is a lot to consider.

Whether you choose to live in your canal boat or simply use it as a getaway from everyday life, choosing a place to moor it can be a minefield. It could be that you are looking for somewhere local, or somewhere completely different.

Wherever your thoughts take you, there is much to consider when selecting your canal mooring options.

Our beautiful location in Torksey Lock

Torksey Lock

1. Access to Electricity & Water

This is an important factor when considering where to moor your canal, as you can forget the essentials whilst in the excitement of your new adventure!
Getting access to things like Electricity and Water isn’t a given for some places, but here at Elms Moorings they are available for you and are easy too hook up and use right away, so you don’t have to worry about those necessities as soon as you arrive.

Moorings Site

Moorings Site

2. Security

Have you considered your security options when choosing a canal mooring destination? Prices can largely depend on the location and how safe it is…
Here at our location, we have the latest CCTV software installed to protect you and your belongings. This can even be accessed via your mobile phone, so you can keep an eye on your boat and your possessions no matter where you are!

We want you to feel safe here whilst you enjoy your stay here!

Another view of our marina

Floating Pantoons

3. Sewage and Waste Disposal

This is an important factor to consider, as it is essential that there is something in place for this.
Here at Elms Moorings these functions are available and are conveniently at your disposal! (no pun intended)

A View of the Canal Line

Canal Line


In this day and age, we keep up with the latest technologies and communications methods, which is why Wi-Fi services are available here at Elms Moorings.
You can be rest assured that you will never get bored here especially with the local amenities, but if you are looking for some quiet getaway time where you can work or read in peace, you can get connected here with our Wi-Fi services.

Lincoln town is not far from us

Lincoln Town

5. Local Attractions

A huge part of the canal mooring experience is to ensure that you have everything you need around you, to make your experience all that more valuable.
If you have considered all of the above, then also consider the location – which in our opinion is the most crucial factor.
Here at Elms Moorings, there are endless options for you to explore, so you can truly enjoy canal life!
There is a collection of pubs and restaurants here that are a few minutes walk from the marina.

So if you’re considering your mooring options, or simply looking to learn more about this world, then remember Elms Moorings! We have over 400m of prime mooring space available and we’d love to hear from you!

Call us now on 01427 718 243 to find out how we can enhance your mooring experience…